There can be a number of reasons why we'd need additional documents, here are some examples:

KYC - Know Your Customer

We need to confirm that you are who you say you are.

In the banking world this is called Know Your Customer (or KYC for short). Normally this will happen automatically as part of the account opening process, but at times this might not be possible and we’ll need to review manually. The most common reasons for this are if you've recently changed address or are not on the electoral roll, but there can be other factors.

AML - Anti Money Laundering

We need to make sure that there is no money laundering on Ziglu. If you reach a certain threshold when depositing, or exchanging funds, we may need to ask for additional information.

Change in Circumstance

Any changes to your circumstances such as changing your name or address can mean that we'd need additional documentation to confirm this.

Quality Assurance

At times we randomly choose accounts to undergo further verification. We do this to ensure our checks are working and to protect our customers.

Please don't be worried by this, it's an industry-standard practice and one which all responsible financial firms carry out.

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